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Open Auditions


Audition Times

Mill Hill School (IT3)


1:45 pm – 2:15 pm

Belmont (TBC)


4:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Mill Hill School (IT2)


4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


The London Schools' Film Competition is in its 3rd year of running and we will be filming a promotional video that will be released to schools, socials and this website to promote the competition.

The promotional film is a meta-referential film involving a narrator who goes around delivering his lines, promoting the competition, while gate-crashing other films, much to the annoyance of the actors within these films.

The auditions will be for both speaking parts and extras.  There are 9 speaking parts and over 30 non-speaking parts. All of this information is subject to change and shooting schedules, etc., can vary with set and location access restrictions.

It is important to understand that this film will be released to a broad audience and not just within Mill Hill Education Group. Consent will be needed to authorise the use of our recordings for the film.

Narrator: Male 16-19 who oozes sophistication, charm and a good smattering of self-entitlement. This role will require a significant commitment to filming as it is the key character in the video and appears in all scenes. You need to be available for around 30+ hours of filming in June. There are a significant number of lines to deliver. We also require the narrator to deliver one scene in a different language. Ideally Spanish, but there is some flexibility. The lines will be written for you, but need to be delivered in a convincing way, so some fluency with this language is required.

Nature Presenter: Female 14-19 who is able to bring in the audience and also has a strong character. This role will require three scenes.

The Director: Male or Female 15-19 who exudes confidence. This character appears in several scenes.

The other 6 speaking parts are confined to two scenes (one speaking, one purely physical). Within these, we require a female French speaker (12-19), male German speaker (12-19) and male Cantonese/Mandarin speaker (12-19).

The other parts are for extras that will feature in the different scenes but have no speaking parts. However, they are just as important as the speaking parts in the respective scenes.

BELMONT: There is a scene where some pupils are playing detectives and using a phone to film. The scene is designed to reflect that the entrants do not need fancy equipment to stand a chance of winning. We need around 9 pupils in Year 7 & 8 for the roles. The Narrator will be the only part within this scene with lines.

Contact Mr Minett ( or Carl TG (10Mc) for more information.

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