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Behind the Scenes

Senior Prize Award Categories

  • Best overall film (winner on points)

  • Best film: audience vote (40 points)

  • Most memorable scene (20 points)

  • Best screenplay/narrative (25 points)

  • Best cinematography (25 points)

  • Best principal acting/presenter(s) (25 points)

  • Best editing (20 points)

  • Best director (15 points)

  • Best ensemble cast/supporting member(s) (15 points)

  • Best production design (15 points)

  • Best hair, costume and makeup (15 points)

  • Best sound mixing/editing (15 points)

  • Best music/ use of music (15 points)

  • Best VFX/SFX (15 points)

Awards Evening

The awards evening is an opportunity to celebrate young talent. We'll laugh, cry, feel scared or angry or whatever other emotions our future filmmakers want us to experience. 

The evening will include a gala dinner for nominees (details are subject to participant numbers). The guest judge/host will read out the nominations and announce the winners. Some awards are presented to individuals and some to the school.

Following a dessert bar, we watch the top films for each entry category. Following a short intermission, we will hold our breath and cross our fingers for the announcement of the third, second and first-place overall winners for each entry category.  

The order and running of the evening are subject to change. However, the full details of the awards evening will be emailed out to successful schools well in advance of the evening.  We will aim for an early evening start to enable distant schools to arrive back at a reasonable time.

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