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Film Entry Submission

Film submission is made via the form below or PDF document. Due to the nature of the entry, the PDF option may be easier than the web form if you do not have all information immediately to hand when completing. Please do not proceed with submitting until you have received your entry's unique entry code.  This is to prevent any unauthorised or fake entries in your school's name.  If you have not received this code within 14 days of submission (term time), please email for assistance.

The form below can be completed offline and uploaded to the Dropbox link that was sent with your unique code(s). This may be preferred where multiple entries share the same details or where you wish to delegate the bulk of the completion to the relevant pupil(s).

Please also ensure the film's filename starts with your unique school code.  Each entry is pooled into a combined file repository, and failure to do this might mean your film is not officially accepted and deleted. 

File formats should be standard formats that can be read and displayed without a license, special software, etc. E.G. MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV. We suggest using standard video/audio codecs such as H.264, H.265, MP3, WAV, AAC, etc. Do not worry if sounds too confusing or technical, the chances are your video output will be in the correct format. Reach out to us at for guidance, if required.

2024 Competition Film Entry

If the contact details have changed from the initial entry, please update them below

Entry Category (for validation purposes)

Please ensure this entry is using the correct entry code. 

Complete this section for Junior or Senior entries. Some categories are awarded to a specific person(s), so please enter their details next to the category or leave blank if the award should only credit the school. DO NOT list more than three names for a specific category; any additional names will be ignored.

Please give details of all music used within the film, including any original pieces, along with licensing details. If royalty-free, please state next to the track which service was used. Enter 'none' if your entry does not contain any music.

  • All the film’s cast has signed a release form agreeing to this film being posted on the official competition YouTube channel as well as any media channels in association with this competition.

  • The entry has been made in the spirit of fair competition and complies in full with the terms and conditions as listed on the official LSFC competition rules as listed on the official website: HTTP://

Thank you for your submission

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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